Once upon a time just like any other time there were Tița and Țelu.
The hero-children of many good-night stories narrated by a mother to her little girl who would rather be listening to stories than watching images from the books read to her. “Maybe because she was auditive?” a modern psychologist might think. Or maybe because she would receive stories where she would find herself or her friends. She would listen to simple stories that would end up with a certain significance, a moral, an advice - never for her, of course, however all that often so similar to recent events of hers! ;)
While they were growing up, our Association developed, too.
Above it was just the story of the heroes that named our Association. Our story, however, started long time ago - probably around our heroes’ age ;) - when we were supposed to find answers by ourselves to questions we would not understand. Or to make choices for which we would be unprepared. We decided at that time that when we grow up we shall help as many children and teens as possible, on their quest to finding their answers.
More about our adult choices, here.
More about the activities supported by our Association you can find everywhere on this site - start below! They were developed aiming at a better world for our children, to raise them so that they will be able to create the world they need.
Do join us in order to discover how we are going to do this together with the children.
It’s the place where you discover how it is like to be a Child in the World of Tița and Țelu.
With Tița and Țelu in the world of Shapes and Colours.
With Tița and Țelu in the world of Emotions and Words.
With Tița and Țelu in the world of Oblio.
It’s the place where you discover how it is like to be a Parent in the World of Tița and Țelu.
Because you, too, have a Tița or Țelu needing attention, inside of you. Therefore you are welcome to discover the world we created especially for you, the parent with a mind of an adult and a soul of a child.
All these are heartened by the Founders of the Associations.
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Lucia Popescu
Few figures, for the realists:
28 years of work
17 years in HR - learning and development, evaluation, recruiting, talent management
10 years experience in career orientation of teens and adults
9 years coaching and psychotherapy experience
5 years volunteer in alternative education methods for children and teens. Member of the Association for Montessori Education Development in Romania for 4 years. Practitioner of NLP strategies in learning for over 6 years

My development was a continuous process ever since I remember, however formally and conscientiously started when I began to study Psychology. And I haven't stopped, since then :) going through stages that naturally reflect the need for self-understanding and self-development.
  • Absolutely necessary, the state of presence is a must practice for every person looking for self-knowledge and personal balance. It is a conscientious exercise I've been practising for the past ten years, that I work with all my clients that want to become aware of their potential and to use it appropriately.
  • 4-year personal analysis with a psychoanalyst recognised by International Psychoanalysis Association.
  • In the same time, I attended NLP Coaching, Mediation & Psychotherapy courses with NLPt Austrian Training Center and MindMaster and I am currently Professional Coach (Blue level) and Neurolinguistic Psychotherapist under supervision.
  • I attended short-term trainings with long-term impact, aimed at improved physical and mental state, like EMDR și Dynamic Spin Release.
  • I have funded al these developmental steps working in Human Resources on various jobs – Trainer, HR Director, Consultant, Coach, as well as Translator (Nemira, Teora Publishing Houses) and Interpreter in official delegations (E.U./W.B.).
  • I understood many things about group dynamics, people motivation, management and leadership while member of the vocal group SONG and, subsequently, manager of a smaller vocal group
  • The first chronologically and, therefore, the last on my academic background, is The Technical University of Bucharest, where I graduated from the Faculty of Hydrotechnics. Before having people development as my permanent occupation, I worked as a Technician for 6 years and 3 years as an Engineer and I realised that studying and working in the engineering field strongly enhances brain and information organisation.
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Raluca Cîmpea
I graduated from the Engineering field - maybe that's why I prefer figures and facts. If I were a parent interested in our activities, I would like to learn about Founders' experience, therefore I will write about myself that
  • I have over 24 years of work in various positions: Business School Director, Project Manager, Program Manager, Operations Director and over 15 years as Trainer and Senior Consultant
  • Education is reflected in all my life - from founding CRED to my personal continuing development
  • I get involved in various projects: facilitator in Project Management events, collaborator for Glossary of Project Management, international projects with value added for humanity supported by United Nations and other similar institutions
  • I want to contribute to building a better future for ourselves and the generations to come, by providing access to high-quality education that is adapted to present times.

Therefore, I choose to get involved, together with my collaborators, in the filed I love most - Education - contributing with my Trainer or Business Analyst experience to create the educations know-how adapted to the very quick changes on the labour market. How are we going to do that? Follow our projects and you will learn. We are pragmatists, looking for concrete results for us and our children and, also, we want to support teens to find by themselves meaning in studying.
And by other good people, their Collaborators.
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Andreea Ștefania Ghiță
Since I like them very much, I would tell you a story, dear reader. The story of my… time. How I graduated from the Arts Highscool, Scenography section and then from Acting University. How I chose later on to perform in various plays and especially together with Zurli Theatre. Have you heard of "Zboară, zboară, Vrăjimăturică"? Guess who was “Vrăjimăturica”? Come on, it’s easy…
Meanwhile, I would tell you how I discover the world of colours and shapes every day, together with young little people, during my painting and drawing classes held in C.R.E.D, in kindergartens or in schools. Or how I help them understand their emotions and express them, during my workshops. I wonder how such story could end? Well… it’s a story with lively happenings that never end. Don’t you believe me? Come and see for yourself!
  • Calendar for 2018, for your child to ‘see’ the whole year (recommended ages: starting with 2 years of age)
  • Yearly Planner, for your child to see the sequence of days and months in a year (recommended ages: starting with 6 years of age)
  • Weekly Timetable + stickers with activities at your choice, according to your child’s schedule (recommended ages: starting with 2 years of age)
  • ‘Playing on the Timeline’ book (recommended ages: starting with 1 year of age)

Do you want these resources for your child? Order them using the form on the Contact page and you will receive them by courrier. Or pick them from ‘Tița și Țelu’ premises on Mondays between 17.30-19.00 hrs.

  • Calendar: 6 RON
  • Monthly Planner: 12 RON
  • Weekly Timetable + stickers: 9 RON
  • Book: 18 RON
  • Transport: return payment
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